MD series of leak-proof compact magnetic drive seal-less pumps eliminate the need for seal replacement. Ideal for built-in applications such as medical equipment, analysers, constant-temperature baths, and surface treatment equipment for chemical feeding.




(Leak-proof compact magnetic drive pumps)

High-quality compact magnetic drive pumps, the MD series are driven by a pair of magnets which are incorporated in the impeller and motor shaft. The seal-less pump structure eliminates shaft seals such as conventional mechanical seals as the pump chamber is shielded by the casing and the impeller is operated by the magnets. The combined coupling torque of the drive magnet and impeller magnet gives sufficient driving power against the motor torque.
Manufactured by: Iwaki Co. Ltd., Japan

      Technical Details 
  • Head range: 1-14.3 m
  • Flow range: 5.5-135 l/min
  • Material of construction: front casing - GFRPP; impeller - GFRPP; bearing - PTFE; spindle - alumina ceramic
  •   Applications 
  • Used by OEM in various medical equipment, analysers, constant temperature baths and surface treatment equipment for chemical feeding
  •   Key Features 
  • Leak- free, seal-less construction
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Simple, modular construction for ease of maintenance
  • Highly durable and compact structure
  • GFRPP construction (glass fibre reinforced polypropylene)
  • No mechanical seal required
  • Ensures safety while handling hazardous liquids
  • Ceramics, PTFE, and FKM make corrosion-resistant parts make it suitable to transfer strong acids and various other chemicals
  • A wide range of flow rates, hose connections, and threaded connections (M type) available
  • Enhanced productivity and reduced running cost

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