Hi-tech electromagnetic metering pumps designed for precise metering with high flow in industrial processes. The EH/E metering pumps are specifically designed to handle movement of high viscosity chemicals.




(Electromagnetic metering pump)

Electromagnetic metering pump EH Series features not only compact design, but also can achieve a maximum flow rate of 1.25 l/min. The EH/E pump controller includes a micro-computer that enables both manual as well as automatic operations (via various current and pulse input signals). Engineered to move highly viscous materials in an efficient and precise manner, Iwaki's EH/E metering pumps are engineered to be dust and water-proof (IP65), as well as chemical resistant. Depending on the application, the wetted parts of the EH/E pumps are manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials such as hastelloy C276 or ceramic, etc.
Manufactured by: Iwaki Co. Ltd., Japan

      Technical Details 
  • Material of construction (with options): pump head - PVC/GFRPP/SUS 316/PVDF; diaphragm - PTFE coated EPDM; valve - alumina ceramic/hastelloy C/SUS 316
  • Pressure range: 0.2-1 MPa
  • Tube range: 6x8, 9x12
  • Flow range: 20-75 l/hr
  • Stroke speed: up to 360 spm
  •   Applications 
  • Used for high flow industrial process
  • Specially designed model for high viscous chemicals
  •   Key Features 
  • Microcomputer built-in controller: enables four modes of operation - manual , proportional control, pulse control, count control
  • Immune to liquids and atmosphere corrosion
  • Dust-proof

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