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SuperAxis Platform

SuperAxisTM is a cloud based, multi-tenanted IoT framework that enables rapid prototype and development of IoT applications for variety of use cases. The heart of the framework is an extremely flexible and powerful meta-data engine for modeling “things”. Real world, physical assets such as machines, batteries, analyzers, vehicles, and plants can be modelled and connected to for data acquisition and control in a secure and scalable fashion. The framework also has built-in support for notifications, alerts, data processing, advanced analytics, and machine learning algorithms to enable and expedite development of applications for different use cases.

SuperAxis Platform Blogs

My IoT Learnings Blog
Author - Bhavesh Deulkar
Every IIoT solution has its quirks which show up from time-to-time. Learn how Mr. Bhavesh Deulkar faced his learning curve in the world of IIoT.
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