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Advanced Analytics

Infographic of Cloud Based Analytics Platform Process

EcoAxis advanced analytics enables customers to go beyond traditional reporting and MIS reports to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations through powerful and easy to use visualization delivered through multiple channels such as mobiles, desktops, and tablets.

EcoAxis’ cloud-based big data enabled analytics framework can process and analyze large volumes of varied data, acquired real-time at high velocity which traditional ERP, MIS, and IT systems are not designed to handle. Our analytics framework comes with built-in machine learning algorithms that can be leveraged to build models and predictions to provide deep insights into processes, people and machines to improve productivity, efficiency and costs.

Advanced Analytics Blogs

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Author - Vinod Vaswani
Mr Vinod Vaswani sheds light on IIoT in the plastics industry for an end user and the value it provides.
What decides Parameter Logging Interval?
Author - Bhavesh Deulkar
Mr. Bhavesh Deulkar shares his knowledge and insights about the working of IoT systems and its various intricacies.
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