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Chillers & Boilers

Chillers  - ATE Group

Chillers or heat pumps are highly sought after in a variety of industrial applications.
Similarly, Industrial boilers of various types are used for a variety of applications – from wood fired boilers used in small scale applications to super boilers used for power generation.

Both boilers and chillers are extraordinarily complicated equipment, and the skill to maintain these chillers are scarce. Moreover, being energy guzzlers and high capital intensive, the pressure to maintain these at peak efficiency and extending their lifespan to the fullest is severe.

Adding to this is the global spread of the installed base the OEMs possess, and are bound to cater to. All this leaves both the OEMs and the end users at their wit’s end when it comes to maintaining these equipment in the field.

This is where Internet of Things kicks in, allowing OEMs access to analysed information from field equipment, that makes available OEM Head Office expertise available at remote installations in real time, instantaneously, without the need of having to travel to site.

What We Deliver

Management report - ATE Group

Management Reports

  • Overview of the system performance
  • Production
  • Utilization factor
  • System efficiency
  • Specific fuel consumption (SFC) / Specific energy consumption
Run-time analytics - ATE Group

Run-Time Analytics

  • Availability and run hours
  • Downtime reports
Performance analytics - ATE Group

Performance Analytics

  • Trends of critical parameters
  • Track of setpoints and PID settings change history
  • Tracking of abnormal startup and shutdown sequences
  • Availability Analysis (Most frequently occurring faults)
Maintenance analytics - ATE Group

Maintenance Analytics and Notifications

  • Alerts for condition based maintenance acts to carry out a manual purge or perform a manual blowdown
  • Alerts for critical machine conditions like, possibility of corrosion in the shell or possibility of air ingress.
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