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Pollution Monitoring

Polltion monitoring - ATE Group

EcoAxis provides an end-to-end solution for monitoring pollution at site and gives consolidated data to central and state pollution control boards. The solution comprises of two major components – a data acquisition and transmission device at local pollution monitoring site, and a cloud-based data storage and advanced analytics framework.

EcoAxis IoT gateways acquire data from different sensors, filter data from pollution monitoring sensors and sends data to the SuperAxisTM cloud infrastructure. SuperAxisTM periodically processes live and historical data from individual and grouped pollution monitoring sites to generate practical, actionable insights, graphs, and reports.

Processed data, actionable insights, and high performance analytics is accessible to approved users through a secure, user-friendly interface on the web browser and mobile devices. Web APIs are also available for interfacing and accessing the data from approved portals.

Solution overview diagram

The solution overview diagram below provides a high-level perspective of the process.

Polltion monitoring sites - ATE Group

Key Benefits

  • Achieve continuous remote monitoring of all parameters of pollution analyzers from sites with complete data integrity,
  • Maintain sufficient control of plant and unit operations so that violation of permit specifications is minimized,
  • Role based authorized access to real-time data on portable devices,
  • Receive alerts or reports on email/SMS,
  • Capability to analyze, compare, and benchmark polluters across industry verticals, cities, and states,
  • Enabled self-regulation and proactive compliance by industrial units, and
  • Eliminated the need for periodic physical inspections of industrial units.

The entire solution is delivered as standard Software as a Solution (SaaS) offering with a Business Intelligence (BI) powered presentation of consolidated dashboards and reports. Specific dashboards are designed for officers and managers from the pollution control boards, industrial units, and manufacturers of pollution analyzers.

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