Viscosity controllers

Viscosity controllers

(For viscosity measurement and temperature control)

Swiss-made viscosity measurement and temperature control systems for water and solvent based inks. The values of various parameters are measured direcly in the ink supply line of the printing unit. This viscosity controller works on the dropping body measurement principle. The Fasnacht viscosity controler also has an efficient cleaning system, which ensures that the measuring unit and supply line can be cleaned automatically.
Manufactured by: Fasnacht Dynamics AG, Switzerland


The purchase decisions of the modern-day FMCG consumer is dependant largely on the print quality of the packaging material. Uneven colour shades on the printed substrate is a commonly occurring phenomenon, resulting in low quality printed material - which might influence a buyer negatively. Ink viscosity plays a vital role in ensuring uniform colour shades across the printing substrate. Consistent printing and optimum use of ink and solvents can be realised only with stable viscosity.

      Technical Details 
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Supply pressure for air: 6 bar
  • Solvent pressure: 1 bar (+/- 20%)
  • Ink connections: 1/2" hose/ 3/8" thread
  • Measuring principle: Bypass, dropping body
  • Ink quantity required: min 2 l/min at (20 mPa-s)
  • Displayed viscosity on PC: in cup seconds
  • Viscosity measurement range: 5-400 mPa-s (as per dropping body)
  • Meas and control tolerance: <1% of viscosity
  • Alarm monitoring: yes
  • Dimensions of measuring unit (W x H x D): 80 x 453 x 56 mm
  • Dimensions of control unit (W x H x D): 21 x 90 x 67 mm
  •   Key Features 
  • Based on dropping body measuring temperature principle
  • Viscosity values are directly taken from ink supply
  • Integrated hold function for stabilising viscosity at actual values
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Possible interface with machine control
  • Value for money investment
  • Reduced downtime; quick and easy installation
  • Reliable and high precision viscosity reading and measurement
  • Low maintenance
  • ATEX conformity; can be safely used in explosive environments

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