N.I.R.A. LEL Monitoring System

N.I.R.A. LEL Monitoring System

(Solvent concentration monitoring)

The flammability of solvents and high temperatures inside the dryer or exhaust of any laminating, flexo, or rotogravure printing machine creates the risk of dangerous explosions. In order to avoid this risk, the solvent concentration must be checked by an LEL monitoring system and this concentration must be kept below 50 percent of the solvent's Lower Explosive Limit or LEL (UNI EN 1539). A LEL monitoring system is an analytical system able to check and control solvent concentration inside the drying stations during any printing or laminating process.
Manufactured by: New Instruments and Research for Analysis, S.r.l., Italy

      Technical Details 
  • Response time: Infrared Sagittarius 5000: 6 seconds. Flame ionisation based Sagittarius: 2 seconds
  • Sensitivity: Infrared Sagittarius 5000: 1000 ppm. Flame ionisation based Sagittarius: 100 ppm
  •   Key Features 
  • Stability: Infrared Sagittarius 5000: 15 years. Flame ionisation based Sagittarius 200/2201-04: 6 months
  • Calibration: Infrared Sagittarius 5000: lifetime calibration free. Flame ionisation based Sagittarius 200/2201-04: frequent calibration
  • Servo gases: Infrared Sagittarius 5000: no servo gases required. Flame ionisation based Sagittarius 200/2201-04: Pure H2 required
  • Ensures greater safety inside the press room through monitoring solvent concentration
  • Energy saving: an automatic recirculation system drastically reduces (by 40-60 percent) the energy costs associated with an air heating system (i.e. fuel, gas, or electricity)
  • Lower residual solvents onto the printed film
  • Long term reliability

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