Linear static charging bars

Linear static charging bars

Valstat® VC series electrostatic charging systems are compact, sturdy and efficient. Electrostatic charging systems are designed to be used with ± 20 kV, ± 40 kV, ± 60 kV Valstat® PC series high voltage generators. Static generators give stable high voltage DC output even under severe conditions. Together they form an ideal solution for creating a controlled level of static charges that provide temporary bonding between the materials.
Manufactured by: Valence Electrons Private Limited, India


Valstat® VC linear static charging bars are used in stacking, pinning applications. With precision becoming a priority than a luxury in production processes, electrostatic charging systems, a combination of series charging electrodes and series high voltage generators, provide a simple solution for a range of industrial applications.

  • Applications: stacking, printing, and more
  • Engineered plastic enclosure with epoxy encapsulated parts
  • Shock less; no damage when electrodes are earthed
  • Standard lengths up to 3000 mm (customisation possible)
  • 3 metres interconnecting high voltage cables
  • 230 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase input
  • Compact, dust-proof, and rugged construction
  • Easy installation and start up
  • No maintenance, except for periodic cleaning
  • Custom made higher lengths possible

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