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Camera-based register control system for CI flexo and stack flexo machines for obtaining improved productivity, reduced raw material wastage, rapid and accurate job set-up, and grip on print registration and viewing.




CamAXIS comes in two variants – semi-automatic and fully automatic:

  1. In the semi-automatic version, for fixing register errors at the beginning of the job operator focuses camera on cross bar. He then selects each cross bar position using the mouse cursor, building the correct colour sequence. At the end of the process operator corrects it through correction mechanism. Direct digital signals or machine automation are used as correction output.
  2. The fully-automatic version uses the camera to capture dot marks position; error is computed and signal generated. This signal is used as an input for correcting misregister. Once the job is in perfect register, the system moves into web viewing and monitoring mode. CamAXIS can be programmed to return to the registration check mode at regular intervals.

Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (Business Unit: AxisValence), India

      Key Features 
  • High resolution digital images of print web; various image manipulation options to spot defects quickly
  • Repeat scan mode and selection of critical areas
  • Area scan with matrix CMOS camera with pixel zoom facility to closely examine print web
  • Motorised traverse for smooth camera travel
  • Automatic constant scan mode as well as specific area scan mode
  • Magnification and brightness control function for better image viewing; aids in quick defect detection
  • Image rotation and horizontal/vertical flip options
  • Full touch screen monitor with true colour display
  • Using precise position mechanism, system scans the full repeat and can continuously scan full repeat or the critical areas of the selected print repeats in steps
  • Bright white light LED strobe
  • Can be used for any type of roll-to-roll printing applications and for various packaging substrates
  • Controls the light falling on camera sensor and improves image quality for different print materials
  • Precise and efficient web monitoring
  • Minute error identification
  • Better image control
  • Repeat scan and selection of critical areas
  • Low power consumption
  • Adaptable to different types of material
  • Dynamic iris control
  • Easy to operate and intuitive icon-based GUI

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